Butterflies and Thistles – Goolman Lookout via Rocky Knoll Circuit

Monarch on thistle

“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Why didn’t I ask Carol?  Although she may seem like a quiet, conservative, middle-aged grocery store check-out operator, don’t be fooled. Carol is a hard-core weekend adventurer. Whenever she serves me we always manage to squeeze in a conversation about our latest hikes. When I told her about my Goolman Lookout walk, she chastised me. “You did that in summer! It’s much too hot. There’s not much to see anyway. It’s all dry scrub.”   As I said before, why didn’t I ask Carol first? She always seems to know the most up-to date information about walks. I’d been waiting for Mt Cordeaux to open for months and was checking the website regularly, but it was Carol who first informed me it had reopened.   She needs to set up her own hiking guru website or maybe “Carol’s  Hiking Hotline”? Continue reading