Cutting the Cord at Coomera Circuit, Lamington National Park

waterfall Coomera Circuit 1

A few years ago, Australian Geographic listed the 17.4km, class 4 Coomera Circuit in Lamington National Park as one of the 16 best day walks in Australia. I’m not usually someone who takes much notice of “best of” or “top 10” lists.  In fact, I usually avoid them because of their subjectivity. However, in this case I’d have to agree.  The numerous waterfalls, creek crossings and lush rainforest  justify its inclusion.

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Lamington National Park Part 1: Lycra Man’s Attachment Issues

“O Binna Binna, Binna Burra, wherefore art thou, Binna Burra?”

Ever since my last trip to Binna Burra, the eastern side of Lamington National Park, I’ve been in love with this unique and incredibly beautiful region. It’s part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, which includes the largest section of subtropical rainforest in the world. Despite how impressive this sounds, in the tempestuous early days, I wondered whether my relationship with Binna Burra had a future. What were my early fears and how were they turned into infatuation? Continue reading