Wild Thing

I wasn’t sure if it was the sudden rush of air on my face, or the gentle pressure on my chest that first alerted me to another presence in the room. I froze, wondering if an intruder had broken in and I was about to end up in one of those Netflix specials about unsolved crimes, with the whole world gorging on the horrific details of my violent demise. Then a more likely explanation halted my tachycardia. I opened my eyes. Two intense fiery orbs stared into mine. “Finally,” they seemed to accuse, “I’m starving!” 

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Friends in High Places – Hamon Cove

Definitions of friendship vary, but usually include mutual affection and support. In the case of my feathered friends, the relationship is usually one-sided. I benefit from the association and they are unaware of the many lessons and gifts they impart to me. I’m fond of these winged teachers and therapists, and thankful for the moments of joy and comfort I receive from their presence. 

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The Warrumbungles – Out of the Ashes

Grand High Tops - Warrumbungles

Sometimes I am my worst enemy. Instead of living in the moment, I wasted some of my precious trip at Warrumbungle National Park berating myself for not allocating more time for exploration, and then wasted even more energy berating myself for berating myself. There may have also been some energy expended berating myself, for berating myself, for berating myself.  Ah yes, it’s time for a brief glimpse into the terrifying misfirings of the Jane brain. You’ve been warned! Continue reading